I had never been to Rustica Bakery & Dogwood Coffee Bar until very recently. Nestled between Barnes & Noble and Punch Pizza in Calhoun Village, as soon as you walk in the door you’re immediately greeted with the scent of fresh pastries and espresso.

I was meeting one of my social media friends there (IRL, I know!), and since it was surprisingly packed at noon on a Saturday, I decided to go ahead and order so I could secure us a table.

I had been told from numerous sources that the chocolate croissants were heavenly, so I decided to try them and see for myself. I figured a cappuccino would go nicely with it, so I placed my order and snatched up one of the last tables.

As I was waiting for Andy to arrive, I took a look around. I really liked the decor: dark wooden tables with large front windows. The marble counter seating right next to the espresso machine allowed for unfettered access to the sweet, sweet smell of fresh ground espresso & piping hot frothed milk.

Obligatory "food shot" - yeah, I did it, and I'm not sorry.
Obligatory “food shot” – yeah, I did it, and I’m not sorry.

Looking around, it was clear that this was a favored locale for a wide range of people: writers, couples, students studying for school and taking advantage of the free WiFi; old friends, new friends and families young & old alike.

When Andy arrived, even though it was our first time really conversing outside of Social Media Breakfast, it felt like we were old friends – sharing stories, commiserating together over similar experiences, and enjoying the most delicious chocolate croissants EVER. I suppose I really shouldn’t be surprised given that Rustica has won several awards throughout the years for their bakery (kudos, BTW).

That being said, I look forward to my next visit – would you like to meet me there for coffee sometime? I hear from a reliable source that the chocolate croissants are pretty amazing.


Until next time all – stay classy.