2014 has finally reached its end, and like me, I’m sure your year was full of ups and downs, teaching moments and new opportunities.

I’ve read a lot of year end recap posts lately, so I’ll keep mine brief. The message of this post is very simple: I wish you happiness in 2015.

Happiness is such an easy concept. Yet for all its simplicity, it’s amazing how hard it is to actually achieve.

I'm not human without my coffee
I’m not human without my coffee

Happiness can be as simple as a cup of coffee with friends, or a hug from a loved one. Happiness is knowing you put in a great day at work, and were appreciated for your efforts.

The inaugural meetup of the #SMBrunchfest at Psycho Suzi’s Tiki Bar & Motor Lounge

Happiness is new beginnings: new friends, new babies, new opportunities to flourish and thrive.

Happiness is family: watching your children grow, hearing your baby laugh for the first time and realizing that you’re not horribly screwing up another human being when you see them reading to their younger sibling (which is amazing, btw).


Happiness is taking time to stop and enjoy the simple things – like cat videos, baby sloths, Bad Pun Dog memes, reading, writing, eating chocolate, drinking coffee, and laughing for no other reason than it just feels good to laugh.

Over the course of 2014 I realized a harsh truth: I haven’t been happy.

It’s hard to be happy when you feel under appreciated at your job (or overworked, stressed, et cetera, et cetera). It didn’t help matters that my depression, which I had kept at bay during my pregnancy through low doses of medication, reared its ugly head over the summer in the form of postpartum that quickly snowballed into soul-crushing darkness & despair.

So when I say that “I wish you happiness in 2015,” it is a bit of a selfish sentiment, for I wish it for myself as well.


My goals for 2015 are simple, and it’s my hope that they will, in turn, bring me happiness. They are as follows:

  • Blog every day – even if it’s just as simple as a haiku or a picture – just making sure that I’m being active in my writing.
  • Exercise – (like for real, not “oh I’m gonna exercise” and then stop doing it after 2 weeks). I’ve already taken the first step by joining a gym – just waiting on my pass so I can get my butt in gear.
  • Work on myself – this may seem vague, but I mean mentally. I can’t be happy if I continue to let my depression & anxiety rule my life. I’ve taken steps by consulting my doctor & transitioning to a new medication (which seems to be working), as well as invested in a SAD Light that I sit in front of every night when nursing.
  • Put myself out there – if I want to conquer my anxiety, and look for a new career path in the process, I need to make sure I’m being active in the community. I’m already an active participant in the Social Media Breakfast (SMBMSP) group, and I recently became a member of MIMA (you got me, Andy! =P). I’m also trying to be more active in Twitter chats, but I tend to forget when they are (which is why I set reminders in my phone! I’m so tech-savvy!)
  • Let myself be me – I am a purple platypus: there is no one out there like me, and instead of being scared to show that to the world, I need to embrace it.

Last, but certainly not least, I need to dance. Because dancing is my favorite, and the world needs more impromptu raves. GIF DANCE PARTY!

So before I close off, let me leave you with this last wish for 2015:

Be Happy, because you deserve it, and I know the year holds great things for you.

– L