This past Christmas, I received a very unexpected and thoughtful present from my parents. Rather than explaining it, I’ll show you.


In case it is hard to read (cause I took a total potato shot of this, sorry), here is what it says:


Old English: Lindsay

Lincoln’s Marsh; Island of the Linden Trees

A Form of Lindsay

kindhearted, generous,

and trustworthy

is always giving

and understanding of others

she is a lover

of beauty and harmony

she is graceful and sweet

she is quite a character

has hasty speech, and a

quick temper

a fine imagination and a

gift for words

is decided before

she does things

Not only was I extremely touched by the gift, but as I was reading the description out loud, every part of the statement struck me as true.

I wasn’t the only recipient of this unique and touching present: Thomas & my sister both received ones as well. Thomas’s was also surprisingly accurate.


So how about you – what does your name mean? I would love to hear and see if you feel it describes your personality as well.

– Linz