RIP Rose 2/14 - 1/15
RIP Rose
2/14 – 1/15

It’s a sad day in the Valenty household today. My daughter’s Betta fish, Rose, met with an unfortunate end after getting caught underneath the new filter in her fish tank. I feel partially responsible, even though Persephone isn’t as upset by it as I thought she’d be.

Rose wasn’t Persephone’s first fish. In fact, she was her 5th fish, and the only one to last almost a year. Let me explain.

3 Test Goldfish from my coworker Susan - we brought home 2 of them
3 Test Goldfish from my coworker Susan – we brought home 2 of them

Persephone’s first fish were some goldfish that my coworker Susan brought into work back in October of 2013. She had an outdoor pond and she wanted to give the fish to new homes before the ground started to freeze, so I said I would take a couple for Persephone.

Sephie was so excited! We made a special trip to PetCo for a tank, she got to pick out the pebbles and accessories – it was a wonderful day. She even named them: Cupcake and Dragon.

Unfortunately, both Cupcake and Dragon decided that living just wasn’t their thing, and both died within the first day. Sephie took their deaths pretty hard.

After giving Cupcake and Dragon their burial by toilet, we decided that perhaps the shock of moving from outside to inside was what caused their demise, so we went to PetCo to pick out a couple new fish. We came home with Cupcake (an orange goldfish) and Dragon (a black goldfish) – bigger and “healthier” versions of their predecessors that were more likely to survive.

History has a way of repeating itself and neither fish made it. Dragon passed away after a couple days, and Cupcake held on for about a month before she, too, passed away.

After that, we left it alone for a while. Until February 2013, when Persephone expressed an interest in getting a Betta fish like mine (I’ll discuss Ruby in a separate post), so we dug out the fish tank, went to PetCo and came home with Rose.


Rose was a baby Betta – very tiny – so I wanted to make sure that nothing in her tank would be able to hurt her. Within the first week, she managed to get stuck underneath some of her decorative rocks, so I had to restructure her tank after rescuing her to ensure it wouldn’t happen again.

Over the weekend, we decided to get Rose a new tank, because the filter motor had broken in her current one, and she just seemed very listless & depressed. So we went out and bought an Aquafarm, set it up to grow some wheatgrass, transferred Rose to it and all seemed right as rain.

At least, it seemed okay until this morning when I got a text from my husband that Rose had managed to get herself lodged between the rocks and the end of the filter, and wasn’t able to get out. She was already dead when he managed to open up the tank to free her.

Normally, I would say “it’s FATE, we’re not meant to have fish, let’s just call it a bad job and leave it alone.” However… Persephone really likes fish, so I went out tonight with my sister to try and locate a big, healthy Betta to take Rose’s place.

Fun fact: it is currently too cold in Minnesota for them to transport Betta fish, so there were absolutely NONE at the store. Enter Plan B.


We have experience with goldfish (admittedly it’s not GOOD experience, but experience all the same). And because of that, I learned from my mistakes and tried to ensure that I was picking BIG goldfish that I felt would survive and thrive in their new home.

I haven’t named them yet – I figured I’d give Persephone the honors – but I’m hopeful that Orange Goldfish and White/Orange Goldfish will last longer than those that came before them. If they end up going to that big bowl in the Sky, I’m going to chock it up to a bad job and call it quits. But not today.

What do you think we should call our new fishy companions? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time – just keep swimming.

– Linz