I am a great lover of coffee, as I know I’ve mentioned in the past. However, my husband is not, so I am alone in my enjoyment of the best discovery in the history of discoveries.

Since I’m the only coffee drinker in my household, I’ve taken to brewing single cups of coffee. And my favorite method by far is the pour over method.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, let me walk you through it.

First, let’s start with what you’ll need. They are as follows:

• Pour over filter – I use one by Melitta which is super cheap (you can’t beat $3)

• Paper Coffee Filters – be sure you purchase the right size. For my plastic filter, I need Size #2 cone filters.

• A teapot or electric kettle for hot water

• A mug to brew into

• Last, but not least, ground coffee

You’ll want to start by placing the filter on top of your mug of choice while you heat up your water. Next, you’ll add the paper filter to your coffee filter (see photo below).


Before you put coffee in the filter, take the hot water and pour it over the paper filter so the whole filter is wet. This will help with brewing. And as an added bonus, the hot water will pre-heat the cup.

Remove the filter, dump out the water, and replace the filter. Spoon 2-4 scoops of ground coffee into the paper filter.

Slowly pour the hot water over the coffee grounds – I tend to go in a circular motion to make sure I cover all of the grounds with water. The nice thing about the Melitta filter is that there is a gap at the bottom so you can look into the mug as you’re brewing to make sure you don’t pour too much water and end up having your cup runneth over.

And voila! You have successfully made a cup of pour over coffee.

What methods do you use to make your own personal cup of coffee? I’d be interested in hearing your tips and tricks for the perfectly brewed cup ‘o Joe.

Until next time, lovelies.

– Linz