Like a lot of resolution-ers, I decided to jump on the weight loss bandwagon. Partly for vanity, but mainly to help reach my goal of happiness this year.


After college and two kids, I’ve gained over 70 lbs. That’s a persons’ worth of fat – which is scary and gross. As a result of this, I’m constantly tired, developed sleep apnea, and my self-image is at an all time low.

I started using My Fitness Pal again and figured out what my calorie allowance would be to lose up to 2 lbs a week, and it’s still within the safe range to continue nursing. If I stick with it, I could lose all the weight by September, which seems like a very achievable goal.


I signed up for a gym membership at Snap Fitness, and have gone a couple times this week. My sister also signed up for a membership there, so we’re going to try and be each other’s buddy whenever possible.

My sister also is down for trying to lose weight as well, and also signed up for My Fitness Pal so we can motivate each other.

In addition, I’ve been utilizing my FitBit to try and keep myself on track by taking part in the mobile challenges.


I’m confident that I can do it – if you want something bad enough, you’ll stop wishing for it to happen and start working to make it happen. And I want this – to be healthy, happy and skinny again.

How about you? Are you a frequent gym goer? What tips would you offer someone starting out? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time!

– Linz