I wanted to start this post by apologizing for my lapse in posts – it seems I have already broken my resolution to write a post every day this year. I hope you will forgive me, readers – it has been a long and exhausting week.

Enough about that, though – that’s not the point I want to make with today’s post. Today I wanted to talk about something I’m looking forward to getting back into this year: races.

Now, if you knew me from elementary, middle or high school, you would know this about me: I hate running – period. It is not something I was born to be able to do thanks to my exercise-induced asthma. In fact, just running from one end of a block to another is about as far as I can go before I feel like my lungs are going to turn into black holes and implode on themselves.

That being said, it took me completely by surprise when I was asked by coworkers in May of 2012 if I would take part in The Color Run – and I accepted.

I discovered that day, as I pushed myself to complete my first 5K in a respectable time, that despite all my preconceived ideas regarding myself and exercise (or lack thereof) that I actually ENJOYED doing races. Who knew?

After that, I became a bit of a 5K junkie. The Color Run was my gateway into a world that had previously been a mystery to me.

My next race was the Historic Riverfront 5K in Saint Anthony, which crossed the Stone Arch Bridge and ended on Boom Island. I’ve taken part in this race for the past 3 years.

The last one I took part in that year was The Moustache Run – which is an awesome excuse to purchase funny moustaches from Party City while run/walking at the end of November. The first year I went with a couple friends, and the following year I convinced my sister to join me – we got lots of compliments on our ‘staches.

In the spring of 2013, I took part in a couple walks for great causes: the Susan G. Komen Walk, JDRF Walk for the Cure and the Baby Steps 3K.

2013 was a year of introductions to new races that let me push myself (to the limit, LIMIT!). Like the Get Lucky 7K…

…The Rave Run…

Thomas did this race with me, which was awesome

…The Color Run (with my sister and Persephone)…

…and The Amery Fall Stroll 5K.

Go team sisters!
Go team sisters!

I didn’t get to do any races in 2014  due to my pregnancy (except the Amery Stroll 5K this past September), and there were a couple of races that I missed in 2013 due to illness (like the Women Rock 10K, which I had trained really hard for and was really mad that I missed out on).

I look forward to training for more races this year, as I feel it will help me achieve my weight loss goals, as well as give me a reason to strive to be better & continue to push myself. My goal is to one day be able to compete in a half marathon.

In what ways so you plan to push yourself this year? Do you take part in races as well? I’d love to hear which ones are your favorite.

Until next time – keep putting one foot in front of the other – you may just find that it’ll take you to places you never thought you’d find & enjoy.