That seems like such a simple word, doesn’t it? Relax. But the truth of the matter is, that between work, family, housework, activities, kids and just life in general – it is very easy to forget to do just that: relax.


This past weekend I took part in a girls weekend (#GirlsWeekend – LOL) with my sister and a group of her coworkers. We drove up to Garrison, MN and rented a charming little cabin called “The Red Deckhouse Cabin.”

It was my first weekend away from my baby, who turned 9 months last Friday (March 13th). I didn’t really start to feel it until very early on Saturday morning. I think it’s safe to say that at this point in her life, I missed her a lot more than she missed me.

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into it. I still get anxiety attacks when around strangers, which usually translates to me being quiet and appearing aloof. I’ve been getting better – my current medication helps – but I was still a little nervous. Thank God for alcohol, right?

Speaking of – there was a bit of it.

The first night was a blur of champagne margaritas, Jello shots, green mustaches and Cards Against Humanity. The morning brought egg bake (courtesy of yours truly), coffee (the nectar of the gods) and yummy Mimosas.

It was a surprisingly gorgeous day out on Saturday. I soaked up as much natural Vitamin D as possible without sunscreen. First, enjoying a Mimosa outside, then by enjoying a leisurely walk around the little cul-de-sac area where the cabin was located with my sister, followed by lounging on the dock by the frozen inlet. It was true bliss.

Afterwards, we got all dolled up for the casino, which we didn’t realize at the time was a dry casino. Which translates to super smokey sad times. =( Well, at least we looked good, and we totally scored a free pie from some random guy because it was Pi(e) Day and he didn’t want it. I don’t care who you are – you don’t say no to free pie… unless it is full of screws or syringes, then you politely decline and slowly back away.

All dolled up for the casino - Madyi's first time to a casino
All dolled up for the casino – Madyi’s first time

After our trip to the casino, we made a slight detour to visit the Garrison Walleye. If you know me at all, you know that I have an unhealthy obsession with giant replicas of things – I even have a tabletop book about various ones that can be found around the country (and someday I will see them ALL). So stopping for a photo op was a bit of a no brainer – and awesome.

Later, we enjoyed some fajitas and Criminal Minds before starting and relaxing by a bonfire – because America.

One of my favorite parts of the night was looking up and seeing stars – not just the really bright ones that you can kind of see in the cities – but real, honest to God stars. I didn’t realize until that moment just how much I miss being able to see stars and marvel at how awe-inspiring the world really is at night.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and our #GirlsWeekend was no exception to that rule. Our trip ended on a whisper of egg bake, coffee, and cleaning before we all bid farewell to our little slice of the good life.

My anxiety aside, I’m glad that I made the trip up to Garrison last weekend. It was nice to have some much needed relaxation – and I hope that sometime in the future I’ll be able to go back with my family to experience it again real soon.