No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you – I am, in fact, back from my long and crazy blogging hiatus.

To speed things up, here are a few things you DIDN’T hear about during my 5-ish month hiatus. Full posts on each to follow at some point.

I got a new job!

Awww, yeah. With an office, a window – the whole shebang.

I had my first Passover (Pesach) at Federation

That means fun things like Passover Poptarts, the bag ‘o plagues, and some strange concoction consisting of coffee, matzah and cream (spoiler alert – it wasn’t good).

Persephone had her dance recital

And she killed it!

Federation introduced me to many things

Like Rainbow Prancers, Sailor Moon kites, and drunk J. Crew.

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I went to things!

Such as the MN Aids Walk, a conference for non-profits, and my first Creative Mornings.


Lastly, in no particular order, the following happened.


So you can see…

…it’s been a busy past 5 months. I’m looking forward to catching you guys up on it. Thanks for sticking with me.