I’m currently on my first express Metro Transit bus. Here’s what I’ve observed so far:

It’s quiet.
There’s free WiFi.
The seats are comfy.
I don’t have to drive.

This adventure in commuting is my “take two” for this experience. See, yesterday, as I was driving to the Federation, I was just thinking to myself


And when I got off the freeway, that’s when I noticed the vibrations. And not the Marky Mark “Good” kind – the “Oh shit, my car is going to explode” kind.

Okay, so that’s a bit dramatic. Still, I was instantly like


I won’t go into details, because I’m aware of how I’m going to sound like your typical “girl who doesn’t know anything about cars,” but I knew that what was happening was not good. At all.

After conferring with Thomas, I scheduled an appointment with Morrie’s Subaru down the street. Couldn’t get in until the next day. Welp, guess I’m busing home.

I’d been looking into using Metro Transit to get to work. It’ll save me money, give me ample “me” time (you know, me and X amount of strangers), and have the added bonus of me NOT driving for a while, other than to and from the Park & Ride at Running Aces.

Easy, right?

Remember when I mentioned earlier that this was my “take two?” Yeah, that’s because I totally failed at the bus yesterday.


See, unlike a NORMAL person, I ASSUMED that the bus I needed to pick up to get to Minneapolis stopped at the Park & Ride across the street. So, that’s where I went.


So, when the time for my bus came and went…
And came and went…
And came and went…
I started to realize that PERHAPS I wasn’t where I was supposed to be.

Spoiler alert: I’m an idiot.


So, I called Thomas to rescue me, went back into work with my proverbial tail between my legs, and waited for my knight in shining Impreza to come to my rescue.

But TODAY – TODAY I was ready.

I got up early.
Was at the right bus stop.
I’m LITERALLY ON THE BUS, and en route to my second bus in Minneapolis.

In fact, I made it downtown, see?


Now, I just get to wait 30 minutes for my second bus.

I won’t bore you with my musings. Although I’m sure I came up with some great stuff.

Fast forward. On second and final bus for the morning commute. Discovering new smells, like chicken noodle soup? I won’t be investigating further, in case you’re curious.

Also, made the discovery that the reason I missed my bus last night, is because I have to pick it up ALL THE WAY at the bottom of the hill off Wayzata & Plymouth.


But hey, it’s good exercise, right? And I made it.


So, moral of the story: if I can figure out how to commute from Wyoming, MN to Minnetonka, MN, ANYONE can take the bus. Period.

Happy commuting, all!
– Linz