August is the month of my birth. And it is also now, officially, the month of #ORINJ.

Confused? Don’t worry, I’ll explain. ORINJ, or “orange” as it is more commonly known, is my favorite color. In our office, we each have a favorite color, ALA “Drunk J. Crew.”

Heather = GREN

Daci = BLEU

Alyssa = RD

And mine is – that’s right, ORINJ. Heather even created a Tumblr in ode to it – Club GREN.

Well, unbeknownst to me, August became the official month of #ORINJ. It all started, with this


Each day, I would come into the office to discover a new ORINJ addition to my collection.

Week One included:

Week Two Included:

I even got into the spirit and bought myself an Orinj friend:

I'm all the treasure you'll need, baby
I’m all the treasure you’ll need, baby

Week Three Included:

Week Four included the following:

My last day of #ORINJMONTH garnered these gems:


I feel very blessed to have such fun and thoughtful coworkers who would think to do something as elaborate and awesome as this. So a very heartfelt thank you to Heather, Daci and Alyssa for making my birthday month one of the best in recent memory.

(ORINJ you glad it’s over?)


Until next time, remember this simple phrase when it’s your birthday month:


Love, Linz