This was our first Halloween in our new house. Coming from an area where we were afraid to have anything not bolted down in our yard, it was a strange and wonderful concept to see Halloween decorations amid the fallen leaves in our neighbors yards.

Halloween morning, I packed up the girls (sans costumes) and drove to visit my coworker Evan at his Halloween party. We had a costume theme going on…


… Or at least we did before the epic, pre-nap meltdown. So, the girls took off their foodie ensembles, noshed on Chex Mix and candy corn, before I politely excused us to avoid the traumatic experience that is the toddler tantrum. I think Evan understood.

After the party, we came home to do some Halloween crafts with my parents. My mom and Persephone made some spooky snacks.

In case you’re curious, that’s a Graham cracker owl, with pecan talons, a candy corn beak, and a peach gummy ring with M&M center for eyes. And the spider? Hostess donette with pretzel legs and M&M eyes. All awesomely delicious.

And because we had been lazy all week, we decided to keep the momentum going by carving pumpkins. Because, why not?

The little green pumpkin was surprisingly thick, so the top wouldn’t fit anymore because I had to pry that sucker off with a metal utensil. And we didn’t have candles, but Thomas bought glow sticks, and I thought they looked WAY cooler with glow sticks.

My parents had also brought a couple outdoor decorations, which I think made the front step look a bit more festive. The creepy goblin-esque bats really sell it.


When all was said and done, we didn’t have as many trick or treaters as we thought, but we had a great time and got to meet some of the neighbors. And we got to go to the “crazy spooky house” the next block over, which had insane decorations that made me wonder where they store them the rest of the year.

It made me a little nostalgic for the past few Halloweens, but also made me really excited for all the new memories we were going to make here.

My one take away was this: next year, we need to make it really scary. That, and I need to travel with a pack, because parents in Wyoming travel in groups, and the parents totally tailgate the whole time. I saw a group pulling along a cooler full of beer, and thought it was brilliant. #squadgoals

Until next time,