I totally almost forgot about Easter – not gonna lie. I mean, I knew it was happening, but the mechanics of actually making it not suck for my kids wasn’t even on my radar until the day before when my husband casually whispered to me after the Egg Hunt at my folks house

“You took care of stuff for Easter, right?”


So, after heading home from a day of Egg Hunting at my parents, and a traumatic experience for Seraphina with the Easter Bunny (it’s totally cool and I don’t even feel bad about it because the picture is gonna be priceless), we headed home with our bellies full of yummy Easter food and lots and lots of sugar.

After wrestling the children to bed, and getting the go ahead from Thomas, I did what any normal adult would do – I hauled ass to Target to see what I could throw together for Sunday.

I didn’t want to get the kids candy. I knew they would be getting more when we visited Thomas’s family Sunday afternoon, and I wanted to have one sugar-free experience for the kids so they didn’t hover or something equally terrifying.

So, after deciding my course of action, and running into a fellow parent who was commiserating with me in the toy aisle how far the modern children’s toy has fallen (someone explain to me what the hell Shopkins are supposed to be, and why they are 3x as expensive as a 5 pack of Hot Wheels cars), I managed to put together something truly wonderful.

The chairs were gifts for the girls from my folks, and the baskets were full of books and toys that I thought the girls would like.

After opening gifts from Mom & Dad, we got the girls bundled up and headed outside to hunt for Easter eggs…

…and this was what awaited us on the front porch.


Persephone LOST HER MIND. It was pretty awesome.

After hunting for eggs, and discovering the wonders that lay inside, we got dolled up and went over to my brother & sister-in-laws’ house for lunch and fun with the fam.

It was a fun-filled weekend, but come Monday morning I was super eager for a weekend from my weekend. I hope everyone else fared better.

Hoppy Easter everyone!