I recently learned about the A to Z Challenge, and wanted to take part. I’m late to the game, so I’m going to condense the last weeks worth of writings into 1 post. I’ll endeavor to do better with the rest of the alphabet.


A is for Anger

You say I am mad

Grumpy, angry, hostile, mean

I am a monster




B is for Brave

It’s been a while

People everywhere, miles and miles of lines

Soar into the sky

Rocket to the ground

So many people

Breathe. Breathe. You can do this.

Open your eyes and believe you’ll do just fine.




C is for Coffee

Oh Coffee…

Shall I compare thee to an autumn day?

Dark and rich with the smell of earth

Warm as a bonfire on the cusp of night

Comforting as an old friend

Coffee, Beloved Coffee

Rich of taste with roasted chicory

Stirred with milk steamed to perfection

You dance in harmony inside my

Styrofoam cup forever

(because you will outlive us all, Styrofoam)

At least whatever drops are left

the rest of you invigorates me

Sweet coffee




D is for Dream

Have I gone maD

I ask myself as I examine my careeR

Amid the others around me doing so much for their causE

The answer comes in the form of an ideA

Because I want to make a reality from this dreaM




E is for Enough

I am not perfect

Broken, lacking, needing care

But I am enough




F is for Fragile

I must take care

and be aware

that everywhere

people are fragile.

We like to hate,

gossip and humiliate

to make us feel great

yet we are fragile.

I must be strong

pretend that I belong

even though I feel all wrong

because I’m fragile.

Yet I will smile

and stay awhile

because I refuse to be





G is for Ghost

His name

was John. He came

with ice upon his breath

to haunt my waking moments and

my dreams.





H is for Home

I left

for work, it’s true

the time alone was nice.

Even still, the best place of all

is home.