One of the perks of working for a Jewish organization is that you get the major Jewish Holy Days off. This week is the start of Sukkot – so Monday and Tuesday are days I get to be home.

Yesterday I spent the day lazing – I didn’t shower (which is gross), I didn’t brush my teeth (don’t tell my dentist), and I just generally wallowed in my own filth for a while. Before you decide this is just too gross, stick with me for a second.

This morning when I took my shower, it felt like I was coming back to myself. I was scrubbing off the filth of the last couple days, and as it washed down the drain, it felt a bit like a metamorphosis – the butterfly coming out of the cocoon.

You’re probably thinking to yourself – why all the flowery language and the focus on your personal hygiene? I’m getting to that.

Beyonce opening up the door, Lemonade


This past weekend, I attended the annual Minnesota Blogger Conference (#MNBlogCon), and one of the major themes that each speaker (at least the ones I heard) touched on was that your blog, and your focus, may change.

And that change isn’t a bad thing.

The keynote speaker, Jennifer Kane, started the conference off with a great presentation about being fearless with your blog. Instead of using stock photography, she pulled all of her images from Beyonce’s Lemonade.

Beyonce Lemonade Gif

I think we can all agree that no one is more fearless than the Queen B herself.

Jennifer had some great points in her presentation that really struck me.

  1. Try new things
  2. Meet your audience on their turf
  3. Get comfortable with failure

The last one made me pause. No one likes to fail, but it’s a natural part of life. We can’t all be the very best (insert Pokemon reference here), but failing teaches us a lot about ourselves and gives us a place to start when we’re learning and trying new things.

Jennifer also said that it’s important to:

  1. Get some perspective
  2. Find and use your voice… even if it’s uncomfortable or ugly
  3. Get comfortable with haters

Jennifer’s last bit of advice involved three things she wanted us to think about regarding our blogs:

  1. Does the work move you?
  2. Does the work love you back?
  3. Does the work have love in it?

I blog about my personal life – if you’ve been following me for a while, this is probably readily apparent. However, I don’t blog about everything: there are aspects of my life I don’t or haven’t yet touched on, and things I’m passionate about that I haven’t included.

The TL;DR of this post can be summed up as this:

The content of this blog may change over the next few weeks/months/years as I move towards making it the best I feel it can be. And I hope you stick around for the ride.

Stay tuned for more take-aways from the Minnesota Bloggers Conference in future posts. But in the meantime, stay fierce.