Remember in my previous post about how I wanted to spend some more time with my kids one on one? Well, I’m killing it at keeping my resolutions so far.

Tonight was the much anticipated “Mother Daughter Girl Scout Paint Night,” an event I’d been pretty excited about since I signed us up for it back in December.

oh my glob


It’s a smaller group, and you had to register and pay in advance because spots fill up fast. The paint night is open to all Girl Scouts, not just the Brownie troop, so you can understand how the demand would be high.

If you’ve ever attended a Paint Nite event, then you have a pretty good idea of how these things go. If not, well you’re in luck, because I took a bunch of pictures.

You start with the background, like so…

We were getting our sunset ready. Next step? Add some water.

Now to add in our moon/sun, whichever you’re going for. Persephone added a bird to hers, and my water looks like you’ll drown just looking at it.

Lastly, we added our weeds, which was the hardest part and gave people the most trouble (myself included until I switched brushes).

It was great seeing how all of the girls put their own unique spin on the painting, which is one of the reasons I love paint nights so much.


But I have to say, I think I like Sephie and I’s best of all.


Author’s Note/Tangent/Non-sequitur: If your week is being crazy, just remember that it’s been a full moon ALL WEEK and that tomorrow is Friday the 13th.

So, you know, it explains a LOT, and I should know – I did give birth to a werewolf baby.

Keep it crazy, all.