Today’s blog post is gonna be an homage to my parents, who are both celebrating birthdays this week.

Happy nightmares for your birthday
Happy nightmares for your birthday

My mom is a Groundhog Day baby, and my dad’s birthday is on the 6th. Since they are so close together, we tend to celebrate them at the same time.

Our plans for celebrating this year? Only the best type of party there is.

We’re going to celebrate at the Pizza Pub in Center City, because it’s amazing and their pizza is awesome and I’m starting to salivate just thinking about it, actually.

My parents are pretty cool, as you can see in the gallery below. I mean, they birthed me, so they’ve gotta be cool, right? (/humblebrag)

I feel very blessed to be able to call Tom and Diane Stangl my Dad and Mom. I’m so excited to celebrate their birthdays this weekend. Here’s a song in honor of your birthdays. LOVE YOU!

Until next time,