profilepicWho: Lindsay Valenty

What: A Purple Platypus posing as a Human (sans venomous claws/talons)

Where: Minnesota

When: I wish I could say the future, but I don’t want to blow your mind.

Why: Because my story needs to be TOLD!

How: Through the use of text, random GIFs, vlogs, pictures and perhaps a few song and dance numbers to keep people entertained


So basically, I’m a 30-something mommy of 2 that is looking to explore new opportunities and go on as many coffee dates as humanly possible without ODing on caffeine. I like bikes, coffee, taking part in 5K’s, coffee, Twitter, coffee, reading and the color orange. I am an A-Typical Leo at heart, and Lego Benny is my spirit animal.

Won’t you be my neighbor?


I’m also actively involved in the Social Media Breakfast: Minneapolis/St. Paul community. You can learn more and keep abreast of my latest blogs here.