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She blinded me with science

This is gonna be a #ThrowbackThursday post – going back to 2014, ya’ll.


In March of 2014, Persephone was a Kindergartner at Garden City Elementary in Brooklyn Center. The school liked to put on family fun nights each month to encourage parents to come and engage in some fun activities with their kids.

So we decided to check out Science night, which was really awesome. Continue reading “She blinded me with science”

I’m Losing My Marbles: An Essay on Great Parenting

I will be the first person to tell you that I have screwed the pooch at parenting a time or two.

Nothing Earth-shatteringly profound is coming to mind at the moment, but I know there are some doozies out there that I’m currently blocking out of my memory.

The reason I’m bringing this up? Because of what happened on Monday.

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Sometimes you just gotta


That’s right. I’m a firm believer that every once in a while, you deserve to spoil yourself.

Dealing with traffic? That’s nasty.

Cleaning up after the kids? The worst.

Rough day at the office? Pop that wine top girlfriend.

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Be all that you can be

I’m sure many of you have set your resolutions for the year. I know that some of you flat out refuse to adhere to the practice, which is coo’.

Over the years I’ve discovered that the easiest way to stick to resolutions is to set ones that you actually have a prayer of accomplishing.

That being said, here are my 2017 List ‘o Things I Wanna Do (or Be Better At) in no particular order.

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Shove over, Sherlock: There’s a New Sleuth in Town

I love Twitter – I just do. But more than that, I love the PEOPLE I’m connected with on Twitter, such as the friends I’ve made thanks to @TheBloggess.

One such friend, Rigel (AKA @WinterlyHome), made my night after I shared the following Tweet:

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Adventures in Car Ownership, Part Four

When faced with the choice between a Chrysler Sebring and a Plymouth Breeze, I did what anyone would do – I purchased the car that was still being made. And regretted the decision ever since.

Hi, my name is Money Pit - just throw your wallet in here and I'll take care of the rest
Hi, my name is Money Pit – just throw your wallet in here and I’ll take care of the rest

From the moment I bought it, to the day I paid it off, my Sebring was nothing but a problem child that I just kept throwing money at. You name it, I ended up replacing it: tires, radiator, dashboard electrical, brakes, battery, tire rods, and the list goes on and on.

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The times, they are a changin’

One of the perks of working for a Jewish organization is that you get the major Jewish Holy Days off. This week is the start of Sukkot – so Monday and Tuesday are days I get to be home.

Yesterday I spent the day lazing – I didn’t shower (which is gross), I didn’t brush my teeth (don’t tell my dentist), and I just generally wallowed in my own filth for a while. Before you decide this is just too gross, stick with me for a second.

This morning when I took my shower, it felt like I was coming back to myself. I was scrubbing off the filth of the last couple days, and as it washed down the drain, it felt a bit like a metamorphosis – the butterfly coming out of the cocoon.

You’re probably thinking to yourself – why all the flowery language and the focus on your personal hygiene? I’m getting to that. Continue reading “The times, they are a changin’”

Adventures in Car Ownership, Part Three

In case you’ve missed it, it might make sense for you to start at Part One, then continue to Part Two before reading this.

Picking up where we left off with the Lumina, since I was going back to school at the time, I needed a new car. Enter: The Dodge Stratus.

I’m your Venus, I’m your Fire…

Yes – I was that person. And man, I loved that car. However, Minneapolis was rough on her.

My Stratus had a multitude of issues: overheating, stalling, she got broken into and had her stereo stolen. She got beat up, scratched, side-swiped and kept on coming. I thought Stratus and I were gonna be in it for the long haul.

Until Thanksgiving of 2006. Continue reading “Adventures in Car Ownership, Part Three”

Adventures in Car Ownership, Part Two

Last week I left you with the story of my poor Pontiac Grand AM.

Continuing with my car saga, when my grandmother passed away, I inherited her Chevy Lumina.

I hope you got a big trunk, cause I’m gonna put my bike in it

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